Well, things have sure ramped up around the AQ headquarters this month with the surprise recording of our soon to be released album "Drop In The Sea ".  Thing started taking shape last month with some tentative plans to do some test recordings but when the band hit the studio, 14 tracks quickly poured out in I's and O's and Drop In the Sea was born .  This new album to be released in CD, Vinyl and of corse digital forms will feature 14 new songs from the AQ with guest appearances from friends of the band Jenny Scheinman and Matt "FLUTOR" Eakle.  Mixing should begin next week and the band is hatching plans for a support tour in late summer/fall after Ian and his lovely family get their newly expected son settled into this physical world.

Be on the look out for our release date and upcoming shows in the next few months and we hope to see you out in the world somewhere .

The AQ